First Time At Mini Golf!

This happened in early April, but somehow life got in the way and I forgot to post about it...

One weekend, Jason went golfing with some of the boys, so I promised Reagan we could do "little golf." We headed over to Top Golf in (Kingstown) Alexandria. She napped on the way there, and after a groggy walk through the parking lot, she perked up at the idea of picking her own ball to play. Reagan selected green for herself and Carolina blue for me. We wandered out to the putt-putt course and she did her best to hit the ball each time...

And this is her "I'm concentrating face!" I absolutely LOVE HER!!!

We ended up making it through 8 holes, which was four more than I ever thought we would! She kept saying, "I do golf like Daddy & Papa!" Definitely something we'll do again, but this time we're taking Daddy too!


  1. We pass a golf course on our way home from school each week and every time Mason tells me that he is going to go golf with Daddy. If only we were closer, we could have a golf date with the kids.


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