Caroline Turns 1

On May 18th, Reagan and I got to go to Caroline's 1st Birthday party!!! We actually linked up with Colleen & Max the night before and hitched a ride with them:) We arrived a bit late because I forgot my camera and realized about 15 minutes into our trip! Nevertheless, we made it just in time to see the beautiful setup that Lynsey should be famous for!! Sadly, after the photo op, the rain started coming and we had to move everything inside. 

Big brother Mason!

Check out the icing on these! Four different kinds and they were all delicious!

Birthday girl, Miss Caroline, Brian, Mason and Lynsey!

Cousin Ethan came to celebrate too:)

I love these decorations!

Caroline has been a ham since the day she learned what a camera was! This girl takes the cutest pictures. Here she is just cheezing away for me:)

Lynsey seriously thinks of everything! Despite the rain, she still let the older kids decorate their own cupcakes...inside...with sprinkles EVERYWHERE!

Auntie Colleen and the birthday girl!

Mason LOVED these marshmallows...especially after dipping them in blue sprinkles! Lynsey had already dipped them in chocolate and added sprinkles too:)

Someone was a baby hog:)

Caroline started to fade as nap time approached, so Lynsey and Brian stripped her down for the smash cake! Check out this cute little ruffled bottom!

Apparently Caroline had never tasted sugar before her birthday because she didn't have a clue what to do when her mommy and daddy put the cake down. It was so cute! But it didn't take long to figure out that cake is awesome!

I took a short break from snapping photos of Caroline and her cake and caught a glimpse of Reagan practicing to be a big sister! Thanks Ethan for playing along:)

Even after her parents took the cake away, she kept trying to find it!

And after a quick bath, she came back to her party to open some presents. I think she likes her new hat!

As expected, Lynsey planned and pulled off yet another wonderful birthday party. So glad we could be there to celebrate with Caroline! Happy birthday!!!

Lynsey, Colleen & Traci 

One more picture of some of the cute decorations!


  1. Wow! Party looks like it was fantastic! Lynsey sure is a whiz when it comes to decorations and planning...she could start a business!


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