And Then There Were Two!

On August 23, 2013, Jason and I drove to Ft Belvoir Community Hospital. It was surreal. Just like going in for any other appointment. (Totally different from our experience with Reagan!!) When we checked in, we found out that it was the only scheduled c-section for the day, so all efforts were focused on us. We had two great nurses who did the paperwork, got the IV started, and explained the process to us. As the morning progressed, the doctor performing the c-section came by, the anesthesiologist popped in, and we saw my regular family practice guy, Dr. Monlux. Each was cheerful and feeling good about the procedure, so we didn't have any worries. 

Once everything was ready in the OR and everyone was standing by, I walked out of the room (in the awesome outfit below) and Major Savannah Brookheart (the anesthesiologist) gave me a spinal tap. It began working immediately. I got as comfortable as possible when in the most awkward position of your life and waited until Jason was brought into the room. 

There were ups and downs, but it was quick and by 0916, our second daughter was born! 

They took her over to clean her up and let Daddy cut the umbilical cord...

To the surprise of all the doctors and nurses (and NOT to us), she weighed in at 9 pounds 12 ounces. Hey, we have big babies:)

They even let me hold her for a few minutes in the OR!

Once everything was done, we headed back to the prep room where we started the morning. They did a few tests and then I got to take a couple pictures of Daddy with his new baby girl!

And then, the best part of the morning, Reagan came in to meet her new sister!! She was overjoyed and couldn't wait to hold her!

Oh, and her name is Savannah Jaie - I mentioned Major Savannah Brookheart earlier because we actually got the idea for our girl's name from the anesthesiologist's name tag!!! We had a short list of names that neither of us were in love with. We saw our baby, gave it about 30 minutes and decided on Savannah as her name. We love it. And we love our new family of four. 

 Thanks so much to Grandma and Papa who kept Reagan on Thursday and Friday nights, allowing Jason and I to have time to adjust and enjoy the moment. We are so grateful. More hospital photos to follow!


  1. The pictures are great. Love the one of Reagan with Savannah! Can't wait to meet her!


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