UVA Football Game!

Last Saturday, Papa, Jason, Reagan, Savannah and I went to the UVA football game. Papa made us some delicious breakfast burritos to eat on the way down and the trip was uneventful (except for the stop we had to make 5 minutes out due to a diaper emergency!). We expected lousy weather, so Jason immediately headed to the parking garage near the bookstore. We got a great spot (much to the chagrin of some longtime tailgaters) and set up the new tent J got for his birthday. We had a great spot considering the weather and stayed nice and dry. Compared to the people next to us, we may as well have brought dog food (they went all out with table decor and enough fancy dishes to feed most of the stadium:), but we enjoyed it. Grandma sent the cutest cheese ball in the shape of a pumpkin (see it on the far end of the table?!) and it was delicious. We also had some white bean dip, Papa's salsa, chips, veggies, hot dogs and a couple other side dishes. Savannah was very well behaved for her first game and slept most of the time. Reagan spent her tailgating hours playing with her new friend, Ethan, who's dad went to TJ like Jason! We chatted with Ethan's parents for quite a while and had a good time. 

As game time neared, we packed up and wandered down to the spot where Uncle Chris, Aunt Lori, Caitlin, Brody and Kellen were hanging out. They also had a big tent to keep everyone dry, so we huddled under it and enjoyed another beer. Due to the rain, I didn't bring my camera, so sadly, no more pictures, but the Hoos played well and were kicking butt by the time we left in the 3rd quarter (the rain really started coming down!). All in all, it was a good time...even if Reagan did talk the ENTIRE ride home:)


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