Let's Meet the Family (or at least some of them!)

The day we came home, Gary Mike and Terry stopped by to meet Savannah. I'm fairly certain she slept the ENTIRE time. And it was the most beautiful day, we just sat outside and enjoyed it!

A couple days later, GG came over with dinner, flowers and champagne! She held Savannah for a long time and got a little "present" from the baby as well:) 

On their way to an appointment, Grandma and PeePaw came by the house so he could see the baby. As soon as I handed her over, she gave him a little "present" too!! What is it with this girl and her great grandparents?! PeePaw is the baby whisperer, so naturally, she loved him!

On our first Saturday home, Jason, Reagan and Papa went to the UVA home opener, so Grandma was kind enough to come hang out with us. She chauffeured Savannah and I around, stopping in to meet MeeMaw who held her for quite a while and absolutely loved her. Again, she had quite the explosion while hanging with her other great grandmother!

And Morgan was the first cousin to meet Savannah. She stopped over one evening and held the baby while we enjoyed a two-handed dinner:) 

She still has so many people to meet! Thank goodness for these great big families!


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