Mr. & Mrs. Wiggins - Part 2

On Saturday morning, Jason helped me get the girls ready to go and we headed out to the winery to get Reagan's hair done. 

Gorgeous tree-lined driveway

View from across the pond

We were supposed to be there by 1230 with pictures scheduled for 2, so I decided to leave early in the hopes that Reagan would nap for me on the way. Half way there, she was still singing and chatting, so I turned around and said, "Reagan, since you're still awake, please do your best not to fall asleep until we get there." As you can see, my reverse psychology worked like a charm! She stayed asleep in the van while I handed off a sleepy Savannah to Jamie, one of the bridesmaids, and just hung out waiting.

As soon as Reagan woke, we went into the bridal suite and she sat next to Lindsay to get her hair done. They did such a wonderful job! And Reagan was so good for them...just sat quietly and occasionally said "Um, excuse me. That hurts!"

Seriously, this hair is so beautiful!

We had a few moments before Reagan needed to be dressed, so we wandered around and helped the videographer. Since I'm tall, she had me stand up on a chair to hang Lindsay's dress on the light fixture. It was the perfect opportunity to get this shot:

Then it was time to get ready. Reagan was so proud that she picked out her shoes AND could put them on by herself.

Our beautiful flower girl was ready!


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