Mr. & Mrs. Wiggins - Part 3

Before we knew it, the ceremony was about to begin! I took my seat with Jason (wearing Savannah:) and we crossed our fingers that Reagan would perform. Once again, then lighting was beautiful as the sun shone down and the breeze calmed just enough that no one was too chilly! Aunt Sheri was stunning as the mother of the bride and had the biggest grin I've ever seen.

The handsome groom, Eric!

After a little confusion (Jason and I were waving to Reagan to signal that she should go the direction that the bridesmaids went - instead of straight toward us - so she just kept waving back), Reagan made it down the center aisle and looked absolutely beautiful!

She sat down with us for the ceremony and was very well behaved! Savannah slept the entire time:)

Beautiful bridesmaids in their Toms and shawls given by Lindsay!

And finally it was time for Uncle Scott to walk his baby girl down the aisle! She was the most beautiful bride and you can just see the pride and love in Uncle Scott's eyes:

The ceremony was short and sweet. Then the pastor happily announced Mr. & Mrs. Eric Wiggins and there were cheers all around!


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