Pumpkin Carving

On the Monday before Halloween, we carved our pumpkins. Jason insisted that each member of the family have their own, so after work, he swung by the store to get two more:) While I baked cookies for the neighbors, Jason & Reagan gutted pumpkin #1!

As per the usual, Savannah was actively engaged in the evening's activity:)

Reagan, being our girl who doesn't really like to get dirty, lost interest in the pumpkin gutting fairly quickly. But she did enjoy helping Daddy draw the face design! And then Daddy even let her help cut out the shapes!!!

So proud!

Jason did all the hard work and gutted the rest of the pumpkins, including this MONSTER one pictured below. Yes, his head is inside the pumpkin!!! He carved one for himself and another for Savannah, leaving mine hollow, cleaned and ready to carve. I don't have photos of the other designs, but they were all very…unique:)!


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