Halloween at School!

Reagan typically goes to preschool Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but since Halloween fell on Thursday this year, I asked if she could come for an extra day! All the kids wore their costumes to school. They played for the first hour and a half (they don't attempt school work on holidays because the kids are literally crazy!). Then, some of the parents returned for the "parade!"

Our pirate princess!

Getting ready for the parade

The preschool director - Mrs. Spurlock

Reagan's teacher - Mrs. Brenda

This is one of Reagan's classmates - Neeva - I just loved her costume:)

The hat that wouldn't stay put!

After the parade, they went into the fellowship hall with Pastor Janet and listened to Harold & the Purple Crayon. Pastor Janet even dressed up as a purple crayon!

Once the story was over, they all headed back into the classroom for a party! Reagan really enjoyed her extra day of school:)


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