Reagan...The Shepherd

On Reagan's last day of school before the Christmas break, she had her very first school play! Grandma, Papa, Savannah and I arrived at the fellowship hall and waited for the show to begin. We were so excited! It got off to quite a rocky start when Joseph refused to go on stage and another kid went into the crowd to sit with his mom, but with the help of the teachers, they little ones did a wonderful job telling the story of Jesus' birth. 

In the program, Reagan was listed as an "Angel in Training," but when the angels came out, she was nowhere in sight. Shortly after, we saw the cutest shepherd ever!!! 

This is when she finally saw all of us and yelled, "Hi Mommy! Grandma! Papa!!!" And then wiped her nose with the sheep:)

Reagan takes a bow!

It really was a cute show, and with only 4 days of school to practice, they did a great job!


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