The Payne Family Comes to Visit!

On December 27th, the Payne family was swinging through VA en route to NJ. We were so excited to welcome them for a couple days...especially now that Gray was home from Afghanistan! In anticipation of their arrival, Jason did a ton of work and then built a great fire. Savannah sat outside with him and enjoyed the fire pit:)

After sitting in miserable 95 traffic, then ditching to Route 1, they finally made it to the house! Katie got her baby fix while the big girls played.

Reagan and Chloe were super focused on these dolls!

Everyone loves Auntie Jessica!

Gray's turn for the baby fix:)

Nora was obsessed with Savannah! She didn't stop saying BABBBBY the whole time they were there.

Once the kids were finally asleep - which was quite the chore since Nora wanted nothing to do with the crib and the two big girls were sharing a room - we got to enjoy some time around the fire pit with just the adults. And bonus: Cody came to hang out too!


  1. Had such a great time with them! What an awesome family!


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