Savannah's 7-Month Pictures

Savannah turned 7 months on March 23rd. 
She could sit up by herself without tipping over.
She started the rocking motion and could inchworm wherever she wanted to go.
Reagan had her "Frank" by this stage; Savannah has her doll (not pictured). Grandma gave each girl their special "thing"!
She was eating fruits and vegetables at this stage. Mostly homemade.
Still nursing 5-6 times a day (or getting bottles at school).

Hey Colleen...recognize this bear?! Savvy loves it!

Oh, and remember that photo equipment I borrowed from work? Got to use it again:)

March 23rd is a significant day. It is my mother's birthday. (It's also Grammy Jill's birthday!) Every single day I miss her. But particularly on this day. She would have loved these girls. I know she is watching over all of us, but I really wish she could give them hugs & kisses and love them like Cindi does. 


  1. Beautiful post! Can't wait to be closer to you guys!


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