Savannah's Baptism!

Nearly a month ago, we had Savannah baptized. We had the ceremony and reception at Greenspring Village because it was important to us that Grandma Isabel & Grandpa Ted be there. The girls are so lucky to have 4 great grandparents...we cherish our time with them. It was an absolutely beautiful day full of family and friends. The only things missing were Jessica, the Belward's & the Moore's! 

Our pastor from Wesley (Reagan's school) came over to do the baptism. We have nicknamed Savannah "Church Baby" because she just lights up when she hears Pastor Janet's voice and either coos and plays or naps during the service:) 

Grandma got Reagan a cake like this, so of course, Savannah must have the same treatment! 

Papa and his girls.

All dressed for her big day!

Grandma and her best girl!

I adore this picture. Reagan was so upset and Papa was consoling her. Such a sweet moment.

The ceremony was short and Pastor Janet threw enough water on Savannah that she won't need swimming lessons, but we had a reasonably happy girl throughout.

Presenting her to the tribe:)

Pastor Janet feeding Savannah

So glad Ms. Spurlock (the preschool director) and Ms. Brenda (Reagan's teacher) could be there!

MeeMaw & Grandma!

Cole, Colin & Geoffrey - should have ditched the Snapple bottle!

Beautiful Amanda holding her girl!

Savannah was having a blast with Aunt Sheri's necklace!

This was moments before Savannah upchucked on Uncle Scott:)


  1. Everyone looked great! Best picture is the one of Savannah being "presented to the tribe" just forgot to give inspirational credit to The Lion King!


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