Easter morning started early at our house! I went for a quick run and then came home to find that the Easter Bunny left a trail of eggs and hid some baskets! Reagan was nice enough to collect the eggs for herself and Savannah:)

She "followed" the egg trail to find Daddy's basket first. Guess EB knows how much Jason likes to cook in Mt. Vernon's oldest oven! Seriously, this one predates GW's up the hill.

After a little more hunting, Reagan found her basket outside in the cooler. She took a few minutes to check out her loot before getting ready for church.

Love these girls!

We dressed for church and waited for Grandma to arrive. While we waited, we snapped a few pictures. This is definitely one of my favorite of Jason and the girls...they adore him!

When Grandma arrived, we had her get in a few shots too!

I cannot get over Reagan and her earrings (which are clip-on btw)!  She looks so grown up!

The girls were well-behaved at church and we truly are happy to have found a place we enjoy going every Sunday.  Reagan was excited to get back home though...because Grandma also brought an Easter basket!!!

Even Savannah couldn't wait to dig into her second basket!

Snapped a few shots of Reagan enjoying the bubbles from her basket...

And this girl was so happy to be sitting with the best Grandma ever! Look at that smile!


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