Meeting Miles!

After Reagan's first soccer games of the fall 2015 season, we hopped in the car, picked up Jess in Woodbridge, and beat feet to NC to meet Miles Belward! He was 11 days old and absolutely perfect! The girls and Max played so well while we were one even had to go to time out, a first! It's always so great to see the Belward's, Jill & Tom, and we had bonus visitors when we arrived, Tiffany & Erica were in town!!! We even got to hang out with Fisher, Macy & Pressly!  

Jessica even got some hands-on time with her first "getting peed on" experience! 

I was prepping to take some pictures of Miles, when Reagan and Max said, "You never take our picture anymore!" Problem solved...

Seriously, how cute is this little guy?!

So strong & alert!

Max is already an amazing big brother!


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