Family Hiking Adventure: Santa Margarita Trail

Last Saturday, we headed inland to the Santa Margarita Trail for a hiking adventure! Jason had done some research and discovered this great, family-friendly spot for the us to explore. It was a beautiful day and we even brought Tommy along! 

The trail started off nice and wide, perfect for an easy stroll. Parts of it were a bit trickier, but the girls did a great job navigating the rocks!

Ever since Reagan started her ninja warrior classes, she's been climbing on everything! This limb offered a good balancing challenge!
The trail followed the Santa Margarita River and there were several spots where you could walk right up to the river bank. Tommy, who usually hates water, ventured in without prompting!

We came to a spot with huge boulders on either side of the trail. Jason climbed up on top of one and we urged him to take a giant leap! This collage doesn't do the feat justice, but I did my best to capture the jump!

After about an hour, we found a nice spot to stop and rest. We all enjoyed a quick snack and said hello to a few fellow hikers. After a short break, we headed back to the starting point.

I decided to climb up on the boulder (the one Jason leapt from) and see if I could take a stab at it. TOTAL FAIL!!! I peered down and immediately decided it would mean certain injury and opted to climb back down! 

This is me saying heck no!

I made a mediocre attempt at reclaiming my pride by making this small you can see, Reagan was NOT impressed.

The girls took a jump too!

Sword fight!

Savannah recently learned to cross her eyes and this picture cracks me up! It's as if she knocked her eyes crossed with the stick to the head:)

Couldn't have asked for a better way to spend a Saturday morning! We will definitely be heading back out there in the near future!


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