Halloween Recap

Now that we're living in a townhouse community, we were stoked for a fun Halloween night! Jason and the girls carved pumpkins on Sunday evening while I was out, then I joined the fun. We were really missing the fancy tools from Gary Mike as we struggled to cut out these basic shapes, but we made do with what we had:) 

The sunset was gorgeous and I had the girls pose for a few shots before we headed out. Savannah was a princess and Reagan was Captain Phasma (a Star Wars character). We set out a bowl of candy with a "Please take a couple" sign and began our trick-or-treating fun. Unfortunately, we were one of 12 houses actually participating in this holiday!!! Seriously, each unit has like 8 units and there are 20+ units in the community! What the heck? 

It actually worked out for the best though, because the girls didn't end up with too much candy, and we met up with some neighbors who came back to our house for a drink! Win/win! 

Playing with their friend Lulu who was Princess Poppy from Trolls! So cute! 


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