More Fun In Yuma

The following day, we stuck around the house in the morning, got our workout in and let the kids play and the little ones napped. Then we headed out to the Castle Park...such a cool place! It was super crowded, but the four adults managed to keep track of all the kiddos:) They had so much fun on the playground, swinging on the tire, and climbing on EVERYTHING! Then we headed down to dip our toes in the Colorado River and explore a bit more. On the way home, we stopped for ice cream. As soon as we got back to the house, Katie and I ditched the kids with the dads and ventured out on Black Friday to Old Navy. We were searching for outfits for family pictures the next day:) It was actually not too bad and we got some great deals! 

We ended the evening with a great treat for the girls and Michael...a dip in the hot tub! 

I think this is the only picture with all 6 kids in one frame! 

Michael was so sweet with Tommy, but Trigger wasn't a fan, so they stayed separated for most of the visit!

Anyone who thinks girls don't wrestle like boys hasn't seen these 4 attack Jason!

How cool is this park?!  

These two sat and rocked in this chair for long stints over the course of the weekend. So sweet!


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