A Night Out!

Just before the new year, Grandma & Papa came over to watch the girls so we could go out! 

With no real plan, we set out towards Old Town. 

We stopped at Chadwick's for a couple beers. Good atmosphere there - minus the guy next to us who thought it was acceptable behavior to pick up my camera!!! Never acceptable!

After that, we hit the Pentagon City Mall. While Jason exchanged a pair of shoes, Jessica and I got a snack at Auntie Anne's.

Then, Jason helped Jess pick out some new earrings! In need of another drink & snack, we went for beers & sushi rooks at Asia Bistro.

Then wandered next door to DSW! 

Yes, that's the down side.


Sweet find for Jess:)

We briefly poked our heads into Hudson Trail Outfitters...long enough to realize that we don't make enough money to be that outdoorsy! 

With a final plan of eating at the Lebanese Taverna (2 doors down from Hudson Trail), we ducked into The Loft for "just a minute," which turned into no less than a half hour and new dresses for each of us. Sadly, that put us at the restaurant 2 minutes after closing:( No worries, we just enjoyed some delicious Italian on the other side of the square! It was a wonderful night out! 


  1. I had such a wonderful time! Jason is a good man to tolerate all of our shopping!


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