Visiting Part of the Ryu Family!

In late November, Uncle JP emailed and asked if we could come visit while Jess was in town. They live in Columbia, MD, and we don't see them often enough, so we were happy to have the invite! On January 2nd, we finally made it up to their house. Auntie couldn't get enough of the girls...they were so sweet with her! And Uncle JP couldn't get enough of Jason. Despite Jess mentioning about a dozen times that she is a Marine too, Uncle relied solely on Jason for all military-related questions:) We visited for a couple hours and then enjoyed a delicious lunch. Their home is absolutely gorgeous by the way!

Check out Savannah's face! What were you telling her, Jessica?!

Such a sweet, unscripted moment in thine.

Just a few of the delicious dishes they served us!


  1. Love all the pics! Especially the one with Weasel's hand on Auntie's face. Just remembering the food makes me hungry!


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