Trip to Raleigh (serious photo bomb!)

The girls and I went down to Raleigh to visit Colleen, Keith & Max for a long weekend. We love hanging out with them! We arrived on a Friday afternoon and went to Chik-fil-A for dinner with Jill & Tom. That was great for Max and Reagan because of the indoor play place! 

That night, we let them have a "slumber party," so of course, neither one slept more than 5 hours:) But they had fun, so it was worth it. We got up and had breakfast while I snapped some pics:

After breakfast, there was some serious playtime going on. Even Keith got involved!

Managing all 3 without any trouble. We should have snuck out!

Later that morning, Betty, Lynsey, Mason & Caroline were coming to visit! Savannah was very excited to meet them! And we were excited to catch up with everyone!

Love how Reagan is messing with Max while he's messing with Savannah...pick on the younger ones;)

It took Caroline no more than a minute to warm up to everyone once she saw the baby. From all of Lynsey's pictures, she's obsessed with baby dolls, so having the real thing was perfect for her! Betty was right at home with a lap full of babies!

We ate some lunch and chatted while the kids played and Savannah napped on Betty. It was a wonderful visit. And of course, I had my camera handy!

This picture cracks me up. Caroline is SO PROUD of herself!

I'm fairly certain that Colleen bribed her with this cookie.

Reagan loves her Uncle Keith! 

Another baby-whisperer!

We did our best to get a picture of all the kids (minus Savannah) together. These are the best from my camera!

Keith was trying to scare the kids!

So of course, Reagan had to try it on too:)

Love you all! So happy we could spend some time together!!!


  1. So glad we got to come hang out and see y'all. Savannah was so sweet. Miss y'all.


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