Girls' Weekend!

In early April, Jessica, Lynsey and I all made our way to Colleen's house in Raleigh for a girls' weekend! Reagan, Savannah and Jason stayed with Grandma & Papa all weekend:) Lynsey and I arrived around dinnertime on Friday evening. We met Colleen and her family at the Tap Room for some food and drinks. Then Keith took Max home and we piled into the van to go pick Jessica up from the airport. That night, we just watched TV and chatted. The next day, we got up, went for a walk & then headed out for a spray tan!!! We went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch - which was delish and then returned to find Keith & Ben & Max "working" on the play area. Perfect time for a sunny break in the driveway...

This is what happens when you spray tan...

Max was SUCH A GOOD BOY!! He really was so easy to be around all weekend!

That evening, we abandoned Keith & Max and headed into Raleigh to the Marriott hotel, where we pretended to be teenagers again:) (see photos below). 

While we were getting ready, I had Lynsey model for me! Never miss an opportunity to practice! Love this one...she looks great!

When we were almost ready, there was a knock at the door and this arrived:

What a good husband!!! Solid move Keith.

We stepped out on the town and met Macy at the restaurant for some dinner. 

After dinner, we hit Coglin's for drinks & to see Colleen's friend who was the DJ there...but more on that later.


  1. Such a fun weekend. Already looking forward to girls weekend 2015 where I WON'T be pregnant!

  2. Can't wait to do it again next year! Miss you ladies!


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