Lord of the Dance

Reagan is currently in round 2 of Twinkle Tots dance class. It varies week-to-week whether she likes it or not, but we've paid through June, which means she'll be going to class! About mid-way through the 6-month session, the parents get to come into the classroom and watch the girls dance. I love getting to do this because it means I get to bring in the camera! Standby for a LOT of ballerina photos:)

Love her little tongue sticking out:)

This is the "helper" in Reagan's class. She continues to gravitate towards older girls...and follow them around.

This photo has so many things technically wrong with it (in the photography world), but I adore it. It captures her spirit and I love her!


  1. Love these pictures. Looks like she liked it on this day!

  2. These pictures are fantastic! Such a pretty ballerina!


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