Max's Birthday Weekend - Part 3

When Max has a birthday, the party is half for him, and half for the adults...ok, it's mostly for the adults, but the kids nearly outnumbered us this year (and they all had a blast!). Before the party, Max's cousins got dressed up, so I made them pose for me. Hey, never pass up an opportunity to practice your craft, right?

Then Reagan wanted to have her picture taken...

PHOTO BOMB by Auntie Erica!!!

Colleen doesn't really do themed parties (I don't blame her one bit...I'm also NOT a planner...which is why Lynsey should host all our kids' birthdays from now on:), but she did coordinate the plates/utensils with the Carolina Hurricanes cake, so that counts. 

And she had one happy birthday boy!

Uncle ben was swarmed by all the kiddos as usual.  I think he was handing out ice to all of them.

Grammy Jill introduced Savannah to the wonders of balloons! And she loved them!

E.T. is so creepy. Especially with Max squeezing his eye.

The spread was excellent. Who could complain about Chik-Fil-A platters?!

And the bounce house was a huge hit with all the children!

Max got pretty good at telling everyone how old he is.

While Max and the boys played...

...Reagan hid in the ManBana and checked out the giant remote control. Weirdo.

Please click on the picture below and see the line of spit coming from Max's mouth as he blows out his candle. This is awesome! Kids are so gross. 

Again, Uncle Ben was forced to entertain the children.

And what kind of 3-year old's party is complete without a hit of moonshine or two?!

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that Colleen or I actually attended this fabulous party! Guess I need to hand over the camera more often and force Colleen into the shots too! So much fun to celebrate these events with such amazing friends. Love you Maxwell Lewis!


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