Max's Birthday Weekend - Part 2

After barely sleeping Friday night, the kids were up early the next morning! We kept them entertained in Colleen & Keith's room as long as possible...

Then it was breakfast time.


Who doesn't need a little help from that other hand?!

For the majority of April (according to Colleen), Max wore his blanket around like a cape and called himself was absolutely adorable. He kept singing the songs from Frozen too and stomping his foot:) 

This slide was ridiculously fast and steep...thought Reagan might fall, but she nailed the landing!

Savannah spent a lot of time bonding with Auntie Erica who was visiting from Wilmington. 

As nap time was nearing (with no time to actually nap) and Max was starting to whine a little, Colleen distracted him with his birthday gift from Mason & Caroline...his very own cape!! It worked like a charm, just look at that smile as he's showing off in the last pic!

We did our best to spend the entire day outside as it was absolutely gorgeous. We also did our best to get the boys to do all the work.

While we relaxed with beers.

Even got Reagan in on the "relaxation" plan.

Savannah continued to bond with Auntie Erica and nap at the same time. Already a multi-tasker.


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