A Day In Our Lives

I've been trying to come up with a photography project lately. So I decided to start with a simple one...a day in the life. By this, I mean that for one day, I kept my camera handy and shot our everyday lives. This was really fun, and I highly recommend it. I will definitely be doing it again. So without further ado, here's one of our days from last week:

Friday morning, we got up and Reagan helped me make French toast for breakfast. We all donned our Redskins attire, despite their bye week, because Reagan decided we should all match. 

While Reagan was cooking, Savannah had some blueberries to tide her over.

Love these little fingers.

I like to start the day with some green tea. This is a pot from our trip to San Francisco. 

Lately, Savannah has been clinging to this cute little monkey, a gift from Colleen, Keith & Max. I guess this is her "Frank."

Enjoying the fruits of her labor...

First thing in the morning, Savannah has to have her milk. It is one of the three or four signs she knows, and while I change her diaper, she's constantly signing for her milk. 

I was doing a 5 day sugar detox, so my breakfast was a Swiss chard & mushroom frittata with feta. I was trying to capture my meal when this little hand snuck into the picture to steal my tea. Decided it was more like real life than a picture perfect shot of my food.

After breakfast, Savannah disappeared to do her latest favorite thing - brush her teeth. She climbs up on the stool, grabs whichever toothbrush is closest and pretends to use Reagan's toothpaste. 

In our house, you'll always find random items on the floor. This morning, it was an apple on my way out the door. I'm sure there was a bite on the other side.

Ever the fashionista, this was Reagan's choice of footwear. 

And before we could head out, I had to do a bit of laundry. Whenever I have Savannah with me, I do my best to always use our cloth diapers. It's my little way of saving the planet (and some $$$).

We hopped in the car and headed to school. This is my least favorite part of the day. It seems like we are always rushing, no matter how early we start the getting-ready-process.

Luckily, Reagan loves going to school at Wesley Methodist. She wants to go in all by herself and hates when we trail her.

While Reagan was at school, Savannah and I headed to one of our favorite spots...Target! The sky was ominous, but the weather held out while we were out and about.

Anyone else addicted to this "Spot"? It's full of junk we don't need, yet I cannot seem to walk by it without giving it a once over.

Savannah liked the freedom of standing in the back of the cart. We completed our errands and headed home to wait for school pickup.

Snapped this shot as we neared our house (stopped on the side of the road, of course). The sky was gorgeous on one side, but it was still sprinkling.

We picked Reagan up and went to Subway for a quick bite before the dentist.

In the waiting room, I could tell that Reagan was nervous. She had never been to the dentist before and kept asking questions about what was going to happen. 

We lucked out with a great hygienist who was wonderful with easing Reagan into the process. Reagan was a champ and did everything she was supposed to do.

Since we were in Old Town already, we called Great Papa, who met us at a local coffee shop. This place is great, because it has a play area for the kiddos. The girls had a wonderful time playing in the kitchen. And Reagan enjoyed her treat for being such a good girl. Ironic, right?! A cupcake to celebrate going to the dentist for the first time:)

After our treat, we went to Great Papa's house for a bit.

On the way home, both girls passed out. They napped in the car for about an hour, which gave me time to tidy up the house a little. But before heading home, I stopped at a local spot to grab a picture of the gorgeous views alone the Potomac.

Reagan has always been slow to wake up. She asked if we could watch Frozen while she relaxed on the couch. I was happy to oblige. 

Savannah, on the other hand, wasn't too keen on the idea of sitting still. She was super fussy, so I decided that would be a great time for her bath. Of course she looked for her toothbrush again!

Confused about the bubbles!

I got her into pajamas and then we did one of my favorite things...cut her nails! It's very relaxing for me. Strange, I know.

I invited Jess over for some pizza, so we waited for her to arrive and then chowed down. Somehow, I missed capturing her visit:(

Here is the oldest oven ever. This was installed when I was 2 years old. It's a terrible oven.

 Whenever Jason gets home, Savannah runs full tilt to the door and greets him. If you're ever feeling bad, this is the best way to perk yourself up!

After dinner, Reagan wanted to make some cards. She was making this one for her teacher, Miss Benny. 

Unlike Reagan, Savannah has had no trouble warming up to Gary Michael. She runs to him whenever he walks in the door too.

After all this, it was bedtime. I was completely exhausted, as I always seem to be. We have a good routine. I say prayers with Savannah and sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to her, say "sleep tight," and put her down. It usually takes her a couple minutes to settle, and then she's out. Next, I read a book or two to Reagan, she brushes her teeth, potties, and then I tuck her in for prayers. She hates going to sleep.

So that's our day. 


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