Sunday "Funday" Brunch with Morgan & Kevin

Last Sunday, Morgan and Kevin were back in town, so we opted out of church and had brunch with the family! In typical Goodale fashion, we had to have some great brunch cocktails, so Rick made his famous Bloody Marys and they were garnished with skewers of stuffed olives & spam, celery, and PEPPERED BACON!!! Delicious!

Reagan was so happy to see Morgan! It only took her a second before she was climbing up into Mork's lap and tugging on her sleeve to "come play with me!"

Jessica was so sweet and offered to take the camera so I could be in a few pictures. This is a new resolution of mine...I want the girls to know that I was there for these events, not just stuck behind the lens. Thanks, Jess!

Jason assisted Gary Michael with the chef duties for the day. He got an early start with him (at 6:30!) and they made eggs benedict to order! The options were smoked salmon, canadian bacon, spinach, or - for me - regular bacon! Yum!!! 

I have no idea what's happening here:)

Snapped a pic of all the girls and Drew, Reese's son. So much fun! Jess looks like a giant!

Then the girls practiced their flying and tackling of mommy.

Of course the goodbyes were difficult for Morgan. She's been surrounded by family for so long, that it's tough to leave after such a short visit. It was especially difficult to say goodbye to this amazing lady!

Savannah was stuffing her face with fruit for most of the day. She had just eaten the biggest piece of cantaloupe and was showing Papa that her mouth was clear for more:)

Had to snap a picture of these two. They were "accidentally" twins for the morning!

Special picture of moms & daughters! 

I tried to get pictures of most of the family with Morgan and Kevin before they had to depart.

And the day ended perfectly with this sweet moment between Grandma and Savannah...


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