Pumpkin Carving

Reagan has come a long way in the last 2 years. Previously, she refused to touch the pumpkin guts...this kid does not like to be dirty or sticky!!! Last year, we got her to help with a spoon, but this time around, she dug right in! We decided to scoop out the pumpkins before Jason got home, then they would be all ready for the carving fun!

Reagan helped with about half of it:) And the biggest step for her was that she didn't beg to wash her hands immediately after touching the pumpkins!

Once Jason was home, they turned to on the planning. He likes to draw out the designs ahead of time and then do the carving. I'm more of a draw straight on the pumpkin and then wish I had taken more time type of girl. Reagan selected the features of her pumpkin - heart-shaped mouth with big square teeth, sunglasses for eyes, and a simple nose. It was perfect!

Savannah wanted to join in the fun, so we got her chair and she watched. She was a total pill though, so I think she was in bed before we actually cut anything:)

Jason let her help with the cutting this year!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the final product with my real camera...only with the iPhone. Oh well, we had fun. Each did our own design and they certainly looked very different. As always, Jason's was the best.


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