Baking Cookies After the Blizzard

Another thing my mother taught us was that you should always treat your neighbors kindly. Earlier in the week, with Blizzard 2016 looming, we had a couple neighbors stop by and say, "I see that Jason's away. If you need anything, please let us know!" How sweet is that?! Luckily, we had Jessica with us for the storm, so no helping hands were needed, but we wanted to repay their kindness, so on Sunday, the girls and I made some cookies and delivered them to the neighbors. Here's another post that's helping me stick to my resolutions.

This is my favorite:)

Of course, once the fun mixing part was over, they both abandoned me in the kitchen and went to watch cartoons! But they came back and helped me frost and sprinkle the cookies and were so proud when they gave them to the neighbors.


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