Campbell Christmas Eve

We've been so lucky to live near family for the last three years! Every Christmas, we look forward to spending time with the Campbell's on Christmas Eve morning. Everyone brings a dish, Aunt Sheri & Uncle Scott make the bulk of the feast, and then we finish the morning with shots of Fireball and PeePaw and Uncle Scott playing Santa. It's quite the tradition and one that I'm so glad to be a part of. This year, I tried to get more individual pictures of the family. Here are a few:

Glenna brought a game called Pie Face this year. What a hoot! Almost everyone took a turn, but the best had to be PeePaw, who was trying to eat the whipped cream:) 

And of course, there are the shots we always take...

"The Outlaws"

All the Cousins

PeePaw and all the grandkids and greats (and those of us lucky enough to marry into the clan)

And of course, the Campbell "kids"

This year, like all the ones before, was a wonderful event! What a great tradition!


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