My Yoga Retreat - Part 3

 My final day began again with a guided mediation and a hatha yoga class. If I had the time, this is how I would choose to start every day. And although I suppose I do have the time, it's a matter of prioritizing and finding the important things in life. For me, spending time with the girls and Jason takes priority. That, combined with work, upkeep of the home, sleep, and garbage TV, that leaves little time for meditating and practicing yoga at home. 

After breakfast, I skipped a class given by a different monk and opted for another hike. The grounds were just too pretty to my back was hurting from all the sitting:) I hiked down to the LOTUS again and then wandered up to Kailash, a beautiful spot to reflect on my brief stay at Yogaville. It was refreshing and rejuvenating. I'm so grateful to Jason for giving me this wonderful gift. Time away makes me a better wife and mother, and it is appreciated more than words can express. 

I ended my stay by watching a "Yoga Together" demonstration by two people from Winston-Salem, my hometown! They did several minutes of acro yoga which was amazing! 


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