Hiking with Friends - Roosevelt Island

An old Marine Corps friend recently moved to the area, and we decided to meet up with the kiddos and take them hiking at Roosevelt Island. We had a great range of ages with 6, 5, 3, and 2-year olds. And as children do, they became instant friends. There's a loop about a mile and a quarter, so the kids spent most of the time running wild, but at one point, all four did hop into the Bob:) 

The best (and sometimes annoying) part of hiking with kids is that whenever they are distracted by something, you just stop and explore. There's no rush to get to the end. We found a log that crossed some wetlands and they took the time to cross it.

We came to a portion of the trail that went under a bridge where there was some great graffiti. I'd love to take the girls back and do some more pictures there! By this point, Reagan had taken quite a spill, ripping her pants and resulting in a bloodied knee, so she wasn't in smiling mode:)

Solenne, Felicia & Ronan

Savannah was a wild woman, as usual, and ran way ahead for much of this part of the trail. She even ran by our friend, Lauren, and didn't even notice! What a great coincidence to run into her. In fact, it resulted in an impromptu invitation and she came over that night!

We got to the part of the island where the Roosevelt statue, some dry fountains, and plenty of benches were. The kids played hide-and-seek and enjoyed snack time. What a great way to spend the morning with friends!


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