Family Fun Run & A Favorite Pastime

On Saturday, March 5th, the girls participated in their first 1-mile fun run! Although Reagan logged hundreds of miles and completed many races in her first two years of life, they were all from the comfort of the stroller. I have been itching to get her signed up for a race now that she's a bit older. And Savannah only stops moving to watch TV and to sleep, so I figured she would be up for the challenge. I got an email for the Gunston 5k and 1-Mile Fun Run, and jumped at the opportunity. They looked so cute with their official bibs! Both girls did great and completed the mile without complaint and without being carried. We were so pleased with them! Here are a couple pictures from before the race. 

After we got home, they immediately did what they like best...watched the iPad that Jessica gave us. They are total addicts and need to be physically pried from the device to stop their little brains from turning to mush. But when they sit together peacefully watching a show, I love the silence and enjoy a few minutes of them getting along.


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