American Ninja Reagan!

Since moving to California, I've been searching for an activity outside of school for Reagan. She didn't want to play soccer or t-ball, and expressed a mild interest in gymnastics, but when I suggested American Ninja Warrior classes, she got super excited! Last week, we found the Tempest Freerunning Academy. They offer a Tadpole class for 6-8 year olds to learn the basics of freerunning. So on Wednesday afternoons, for as long as she's interested, we'll be trekking out to Vista for an hour-long lesson. The gym is perfect for kids and offers a range of obstacles and activities. Yesterday, she had her second class. 

Savannah found a buddy to play with while Reagan was in class!

They were playing a game where the instructor shouted out various commands and the kids followed. This one was cockroach:)

Reagan's class is full of little boys. Luckily, the class that's a bit older has about 1/2 girls and they are GOOD! It provides her with a boost of confidence and makes her work harder and hop up after a misstep. 

If this isn't an ANW pose, then I don't know what one is!

Papa, I told Reagan I was going to post this just for you! She's back at her bad nail-biting habit!

Telling her new 8-year old friend that she's only 6:)

I have no doubt that she'll grab the top soon!

I'm thrilled that we found this activity for Reagan! I hope that she continues to grow braver and stronger each class. And maybe someday, I can get in on the action during adult open gym:)


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