Family Weekend - Part 1

Last Saturday morning, Jason took the girls out to get bagels for all of us. After breakfast, we headed to a playground near the beach. It was crowded, but we had a great time. The girls played on the slides and playground fixtures for a bit while Jason let Tommy roam in the grass. Then we all practiced our American Ninja Warrior skills by playing follow the leader. We jumped on and off concrete tables, from rock to rock, and over the benches! We took turns leading the group and even recruited another child to play:) Tommy patiently waited, leashed to a nearby tree that Reagan climbed several times. Then we all wandered over to the grassy area to let Tommy run some more. It was a fun way to spend the morning and get out some energy!

This is my new favorite picture of this cheese ball!

This is impressive, A) because he jumped so high, and B) because he did it so fast, the camera didn't even capture the frame between him being behind the bench and then over it!

Blurry, but awesome. This girl is rapidly becoming fearless!

We were being super dorky, but loved every minute!


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