Stonesteps Surfing Competition - Encinitas, CA

Last Saturday, our friends, Nick & Agatha, invited us to Encinitas to watch Nick compete in the Stonesteps Surf Competition. We stopped by 101 Bagels to grab some breakfast and made our way south before the weekend traffic took over. Jason quickly found a parking spot and we wandered down 126 steps to find our friends on the beach. The girls love hanging out with Nick & Agatha because they have 7 month old twins, Eva and West! They have so much fun playing with the babies!

Breakfast on the beach:)

We got there in plenty of time to see Nick in his first heat. He had some stiff competition, but did an amazing job and advanced to the second round!

Jason also enjoyed some time with the babies!

As seems to be the usual here in Cali, the girls quickly found other kids to play with. And of course, they were soaked little sandy crabs by the time we left:) We had a great time hanging out and meeting new people. 


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