Oak Island Getaway

On Sunday, September 11th, Grandma and Grandpa loaded the van to capacity (compete with Reagan and Daisy) and followed Tommy and me in the Subaru to Oak Island.  We are lucky enough to have a dear friend (really Reagan's other grammy!) who owns a house on Oak Island and offered to let us stay for the week!  It was such a wonderful trip, that I'm going to break it up into several posts to make sure I capture it all.

When we arrived on Sunday in the early afternoon, we quickly unpacked our things, had a cocktail, and then, while Grandma got the kitchen unpacked and organized, Grandpa, Reagan and I headed to the beach for a walk.  It was the perfect afternoon, with temps in the low-80s, so we headed toward the pier to the right.  After about a mile, I was feeling restless, so I took off running.  I made it to the pier and then headed back towards the 49th street sign to meet Grandpa and Reagan.  It felt great!  And as always, my camera was in tow wherever we went, so prepare yourself for LOTS of pictures:)

Gorgeous, practically empty beach

Testing the water

Fun with Grandpa

Love the little wet shorts

Pier to the left (lighthouse way off in the distance in the center of the picture)

Beautiful, graceful creatures

Would have been better with a fish in one of their mouthes...


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