Oak Island Getaway - Part 5

Early on Thursday morning, Rick and I headed out to play golf (thanks Grandma for watching Reagan!). We were the second to tee off and couldn't have asked for a better day to play. With a full cooler and no one teeing off for the next two slots, we took our time and enjoyed the game. Right before we took off, one of the guys from the pro shop said, "Hey, maybe you'll see an alligator or two."  Well, that certainly peaked my interest!! From that point on, we were on alligator patrol...and it worked! On the back nine, we came across this fellow:

After a great game, we went back home to see Reagan and Grandma. I was starting to feel a cold coming on, so I rested on the couch while Reagan had a nice nap on the porch swing with Grandpa:

While she was napping, Rick noticed this guy hanging out by the house next door:


It's times like that, when you're starting to feel sick and just need a helping hand, that you are totally grateful for amazing in-laws!!  After my rest on the couch, I took a bath and then took another nap in my bed for a couple hours. Without their help, I probably would have been sick for a week and a half, unable to get enough rest to kick it. Luckily, less than 3 days later, I was feeling great. Thanks MIL & FIL!


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