Oak Island Getaway - Part 4

Wednesday was our last day of amazing beach weather, so we took advantage of it.  Reagan received the cutest rash-guard bodysuit from her Great Aunt Helen and Great Uncle Dan for her birthday.  It was a perfect fit and a nice change for her as I didn't have to spray her tummy and back with that cold sunscreen.

We also found a boogie board in one of the closets and took it down with us.  As soon as we set up camp, Grandpa put Reagan on the board and dragged her down to the water.  It was an immediate hit!  She had a blast riding in one inch of water.  We took turns pulling her around and when we ate lunch, she just played by herself on top of the board.  Grandma again made delicious sandwiches that attracted even MORE birds than the previous two days...this time, they even dared to land atop Grandpa's chair!

Our little "surfer" girl!


  1. Such cute pictures! Glad you guys had such a good time. Loved all the OKI recaps.


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