Best In-Laws EVER!

For two and a half wonderful weeks, MIL and FIL came for a visit. During the first week, we hung out at the house and I put FIL to work on a list of projects. First, he tackled the bathtub leak that was discovered during Hurricane Irene and the ceiling damage in the kitchen. Apparently the tub had been leaking since we bought the house 2 years ago, but a 30 minute bath wasn't long enough to realize it. He found the leak and fixed it easily. Then, he worked on the ceiling - a multi-day project.  It looks great now.

After that, I suggested that I'd like to put edging around the bushes in the backyard.  Unfortunately, after pricing the edging options at Lowe's, I realized that would not be feasible, so he used a shovel to dig out around the bushes (all 9) and trees (2 of them) and now they look much better.

Next up on the list, installing a shower door in our bathroom. I was surprised at how easily he completed this task, particularly as MIL and I left him in charge of Reagan, who woke up mid-project. I have wanted this door since we moved in and I'm thrilled with the result. Additionally, we put a new shower head in and it's spectacular.

And finally, another result of Irene, FIL rebuilt the double gate on the fence after it was completely torn off. It's so much sturdier and better now that I don't think any hurricane we may face in the future could possibly do damage to it!

I'm sure there were more tasks that he accomplished, but they are escaping me at this moment. Thanks FIL for all your hard work!

And not to leave MIL's efforts out, can I just tell you what a blessing it is to have someone who is so organized?! I am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of gal. MIL is a planner.  She made sure nothing was forgotten, got every meal planned and made, and cleaned the house from top to bottom. Before we headed to the beach, she planned out each meal and we made a shopping list accordingly. Each day at the beach, she packed a lunch for everyone and headed up the clean-up effort before we left. And best of all, when FIL, Reagan and I came back from a run with the stroller warriors the Tuesday before we all left, she had cleaned the entire house (vacuuming, sweeping, swiffering, dusting, bathrooms!) so we would have a clean house to come home to. What a wonderful woman!

Throughout the entire two and a half weeks, I had the freedom to run errands sans Reagan, go for solo runs, and basically just have a break. Being sick as a "single" parent sucks. Having them around ensured that I had ample time to rest and recover while fighting a cold. I truly am the luckiest daughter-in-law EVER! And Reagan has the most amazing grandparents a girl could ask for. We miss them already and can't wait for our two week trip to VA in mid-October.  

Thanks for everything MIL & FIL!!


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