One of my best friends, Lynsey, is celebrating her 31st birthday today! We have seen each other through good times and bad, marriage and childbirth, and everything in between. I love you Lyns and I hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for always being there for me. Especially during those first few months of motherhood, I don't think I would have made it through without your daily text messages and weekly phone calls. You are one in a million and I'm so lucky to not only call you my friend, but also, my sister.

Picking me up from the airport

A night out in Richmond

Lynsey's fabulous wedding day!

There for Reagan's birth!


  1. Thanks Jen! I wouldn't have made it through the first months of parenthood without you as well. Love you too.

  2. Happy Birthday Lyns! I'm not a worse sister for not blogging, I'm just not as good as Jen :-)

    I love you lots and hope you had a relaxing day!

  3. Sadly there are no pictures of me...tsk...this blog used to have promise.


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