Fun at the Onslow County Fair

Growing up, my absolute favorite event of the year was the Dixie Classic Fair. We would save our pennies just to throw them away at dart games, fishbowl tosses, and other various carnival activities. Also, we never left without first devouring a funnel cake. 

Somehow, the Onslow County Fair just doesn't compete. It's quite tiny by comparison with only a few food vendors and a handful of rides, but I couldn't pass it up. We went last year when Reagan was just a few months old, and Jason and I enjoyed ridiculous amounts of fried goodness. This year, it was just Reagan and I.  Not nearly as fun. But we did have a decent time, checking out the animals and eating ice cream, a corn dog, and a deep fried Oreo (not nearly as good as it sounds). 

Reagan's current 32 inches was 4 inches short of the minimum on all rides:(

But pay a carny $5 to play this fishing game for an unlimited time without having to take one of those disgusting stuffed animals home.

And an outing in Jacksonville wouldn't be complete without seeing some white trash. I thought the pockets hanging out of the shorts fad was over.

We left the fair after almost an hour of walking around (which was about 3 complete trips around the fairgrounds and lots of time at the fishing game). Best part of coming during the early afternoon:

No crowds to fight in the parking lot!


  1. Nothing will EVER match up with the Dixie Classic Fair!!! I'm glad to see you grooming Reagan to have a love of fried food, loud rides, and costly games at a young age!


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