Mullet Festival

Swansboro celebrates the annual Mullet Festival each October (for the fish, not the 80s hairstyle). After our 5k on Saturday morning, we headed to the festival to check it out. Unfortunately, we were crunched for time, so it was literally a quick walk through. There were probably 150+ vendors selling homemade items, food trucks, a fire prevention booth complete with fire trucks, and bands. We missed the earlier parade. I wish we had more time to browse, but it was fun anyway. Here are a few pictures from the event:

Our little monkey, surveying the sites from the safety of the Bob

These tents lines several streets and housed the individual vendors

A band playing in the Historic Swansboro pavillion

What's a festival without fried pickles and funnel cake?!

Local dance school showing off their routines

Tax dollars at work to outfit this anti-drug police vehicle


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