My Heart Belongs in California

From 22-28 September, Reagan and I were lucky enough to take a trip to CA to visit Jessica and Sean (and to attend a wedding). I was absolutely terrified about taking a 14-month old on two 3-hour plane rides, but armed with many suggestions from moms who have flown solo with their kids, we managed to make a successful trip! Reagan shocked me with her excellent behavior on both flights there. In fact, I think she cried for a total of 30 seconds on both flights! We took stickers, snacks, juice, a portable DVD player (which really ended up being a 10-pound weight since she didn't want to watch anything), and LOTS of diapers and wipes.

After the uneventful flights, Jessica picked us up in San Diego and we headed to their beautiful house to relax for the evening. I wasn't sure how Reagan was going to do with her sleeping patterns, but it wasn't terrible. She went down about an hour earlier than usual and woke up at 5...not too shabby. On Friday, we spent the day driving around CA and looking for pieces to make a costume for Sean. First we stopped by the base and visited some Marines I used to work for at 9th Communication Battalion. Then we went to Jessica's office and met some of her Marines and her boss.

1st Radio Battalion

Jessica's a pretty important person...this is her office!

Reagan didn't care much about the office, but she did find some fun rocks to play with

Your tax dollars at work: the new paintball facility aboard Camp Pendleton

Sean was attending a "metal" themed party on Friday night. We were driving to a costume store and spotted a yard sale where we scored a leather jacket for $10! Then on our way to Party City to try to find a wig, we found a store titled Human Hair. Gross, right?! Nope, Jessica got the perfect mullet wig there. And after a quick stop at Sonic, we got some cool brads to "bedazzle" the jacket. Here's the result:

The bedazzling work is on the back...sorry:(

Rockstar and his groupie!

That brings us to Saturday. Jessica watched Reagan while Sean and I went to Crossfit760. I've been doing some crossfit at home, and being at a gym and working out with other people was so much better! I can see how people become addicted to it. After the workout, we went to the Broken Yolk for a tasty breakfast. Then Jessica, Reagan and I headed north to Santa Monica for the wedding. I took Reagan to the actual ceremony, but dropped her back at the hotel to stay with Jessica during the reception. It was absolutely one of the most expensive weddings I've ever been to. Here are a couple pictures from the event:

Jessica and Reagan at the hotel. Reagan helped with her Command and Staff homework.

Gorgeous cake!

Head table...I think the flower arrangements on this table cost more than our entire wedding!

Mike Chisel, me and Eric Larsen - buddies from my 9th Comm days

Beautiful bride and her lucky husband, my friend Marty, sharing the cake

On Sunday morning, we drove to Orange, CA to visit Aunt Helen and Uncle Dan and Nathan and his girlfriend, Amanda. It was their first time meeting Reagan!

Amanda and Reagan

Reagan with Nathan

Aunt Helen giving Lil Peanut to Reagan

Uncle Dan and Reagan enjoying a walk

And that brings us to the half way point of the trip. More to follow tomorrow.


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