Visit to CA - Part 2

On Sunday afternoon, we took Nessie to dog beach down in Del Mar. There was a dog surfing competition that we just missed (DARN!), but we had a great time throwing the ball for Nessie and letting Reagan run around on the beach while trying to keep her dry. After our visit to the beach, we took Nessie for a bath and then we got some frozen yogurt.

On Monday, Jessica and I took Reagan to the Safari Park (affiliated with the San Diego Zoo) out in Escondido. We got to see some amazing animals. Here are a few pictures:

Took Reagan on the merry-go-round...not sure she liked it!

Baby elephant born just hours before we visited!

Jessica & Reagan

Tallest giraffe in North America - also of note, this guy fathered 14 giraffes this year

Cool donkey like creature

One of 6 of these types of rhinos left in the WORLD!

Zebra meeting

Coolest bird ever

Who doesn't love gorillas? Especially when they are babies!

Last sighting of the day...meerkat manor!

We went to my favorite place, Hill Street Cafe in Oceanside, on our way home. That evening, I took the opportunity to get some sunset shots from their patio:

Here's the best one

Reagan was far more interested in the dirt than the sunset!

Tuesday was a relaxing day. We went to the pool in their housing development and had fun dunking Reagan:

Jessica had to go to a Command and Staff class on Tuesday night, so Reagan and I just hung out at the house. On Wednesday morning, we met my friend Amy and her daughter, Harper, for breakfast at the Daily News Cafe. Then we headed for the airport via another one of my favorite spots, Swami Gardens at the Self Realization Fellowship.  It's an absolutely beautiful place and I encourage you to go should you ever have the opportunity.

My little monkey!

We had a fantastic trip and are so grateful to Jessica and Sean for the hospitality and generosity! Hope we can make the trip again some time. 


  1. Looks like fun! So sorry we missed you. Reagan sure is a beautiful little girl!


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