Wing Madness!!! Super Bowl: Goodale Style

For Super Bowl Sunday, we usually get together with a small group, make some yummy snacks and enjoy the game (ok, ok, I enjoy the commercials!). This year was no exception. Grandma, Papa, Geoffrey, Glenna, Chris and Gary Mike all came over.

In preparation for the festivities, Jason and I purchased 6 (yes, 6) of these:

Apparently I'm quite the wing rookie, because I had no idea what kind of preparation was involved...thank goodness Papa (who came over early) and Reagan were there to tackle the job:

While the wings were being chopped up, Jason pulled out a surprise purchase...CRAYFISH! He cooked a small batch as a "tester" and Reagan, Papa, and he gobbled them up!

As the last of the test batch was eaten, our friend, Chris, pulled up and immediately got to work prepping his cheddar jalapeƱo cornbread...YUM! 

After everyone arrived, Jason cooked the remainder of the crayfish and everyone got to enjoy a little treat:

Grandma made delicious Tex-Mex and spinach artichoke dip, but they were wolfed down before I could take any pictures. (Ok, perhaps I was doing the wolfing, and thus, did not have my camera handy. Whatever.)

After the snacks were devoured, the wing preparation continued. Jason's plan included 6 different flavors. Two batches each would be fried, grilled or roasted. Good plan, right?!

Superb teamwork fellas!

While Jason, Papa, and Chris did all the work, I caught these guys just lounging on the couch watching pre-game stuff...

The wing cooking continues...

Here's the cornbread. This picture was taken BEFORE we served it. Yeah...there were a lot of tasters.

The 6 different types of wings included: Vietnamese & Beer-Battered (fried); Chinese BBQ & White Cheddar Popcorn (roasted); Blackened & Cola-Glazed (grilled);

And here's the final result!

 I believe a vote was taken after the wings were tasted and Blackened won! (I was a big fan of the Vietnamese though!)

For dessert, we had brownies & a fruit salsa (not pictured) with cinnamon/sugar tortilla chips.


  1. The Goodale gang sure knows how to put on a spread! YUM YUM!


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