Cindi's Birthday Dinner

On Sunday, February 10th, we had most of both sides of the family over to celebrate Cindi's 60th Birthday! After a fun night of planning with Uncle Kevin, we decided on a Greek-themed menu and minimal decor. 

Jason, Reagan and Uncle Kevin shopped on Saturday, then we had dinner at GG's house that evening. The following day, Jason was busy in the kitchen, I did my best to clean up the house, and Uncle Kevin came to lend a (much-needed) hand. Earlier that morning, I got up to make lemon-roasted garlic hummus and Cindi's birthday cake. I was finished in plenty of time, and pleased with the result. I placed the cake on a high table in the living room, but didn't give it much thought...Tommy snuck in from the stair side of the table and ate off quite a sizable chunk:

That put me back in the kitchen to make the "back-up" box cake, but then my duties were complete. Here's a look at the decor:

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Lisa bought Mil the most beautiful roses...60 of them! They were stunning!

Geoffrey was recruited to help with the birthday endeavors, which meant Glenna came early to help too! Geoffrey was in charge of making a sauce to go with the stuffed grape leaves (made by Uncle Kevin). They also got had to de-stem 4 large bags of spinach! 

The Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) were also served with veggies and the hummus and some beautiful Greek olives & roasted garlic.

While everyone arrived, snacked and chatted, I grabbed a quick picture of Uncle Chris' recent surgery scar! We told Reagan he was a real live Frank!

Tommy, still banished to the outside after the cake incident, found some company with Uncle Kevin:)

Just before dinner, Uncle Davis the Great offered a blessing.

Then we feasted! Store-bought Spanikopita, sautéed spinach with pine nuts, lamb Roberts, warm pita bread, and an Israeli couscous salad. (sorry for the dark picture!)

After dinner, there was a show...because with the Campbell's there's ALWAYS a show!

First was Uncle Davis the Great:

Then came the youngest Campbell, Uncle Chris, who had nearly everyone in tears with his kind words about his big sister:

And finally came the most hilarious act of the evening, Uncle Scott, as Rodney Dangerfield:

Some gag gifts were presented:

And then it was time for cake and Baklava:

What a fun evening and a great reason to get the families together! Hope you enjoyed your birthday dinner Grandma! We love you and hope 60 is a great year!!!


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