In early January, Reagan was reunited with her best bud, and boyfriend, Sean Patrick! Maureen and Brian brought the kiddos up to see her parents (who live about 15 minutes from us). We were lucky enough to steal them for an afternoon/evening! We let the kids play in the backyard for a bit and then we enjoyed dinner and some great conversation. Plus, we all got to meet Cormac!! He's just as sweet as Sean and so adorable! 

Love their coordinating jackets! Like two little snowboarders:)

They didn't skip a beat...sharing hugs and kisses!

After dinner, we gave them a bath together, something they've done a million times. They had a blast!

And of course, there was more kissing:)

Here's Moe and Cormac! Isn't he handsome?!

So glad they could take some time to come see us. I actually went to Maureen's parents house a couple more times because I just miss her so darn much! She and I raised our first babies together, endured deployments, and just have a great connection. We are bummed that they are heading across the country in the near future, but wish them the best! Love you guys!


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