Daddy's Promotion to Major

On Tuesday, June 4th, family, friends and colleagues gathered on the Speaker's Balcony of the Capitol building to witness and celebrate Jason's promotion to major. In total there were nearly 50 people present!!!

Reagan dressed in her finest for Daddy's big day!

Reagan and Grandma (with GG in the background) posed in front of the Capitol

Jason introduced Papa to his boss, Congressman Mac Thornberry

Once the ceremony started, Reagan got to hang out with her buddy Jon (also from Daddy's office:)

Serving as the event's host, Mac said some wonderful words about Jason - and about his devotion to serving his country - he ended by saying how fitting it was that Jason's promotion ceremony should take place so close to the very spot where presidents are inaugurated 

Jason's former Commanding Officer, LtCol Tyler Zagurski, was the presiding officer and also had some great things to say about Jason

After the gentlemen spoke, the order was read. 

Reagan and I pinned on one leaf, and the Congressman pinned on the other

And then LtCol Zagurski had Jason repeat the oath of office.

Jason had the opportunity to speak at this point and did an amazing job acknowledging or thanking everyone in attendance. Mid-way through his speech, Reagan ran up to him, pointed to the watch she was wearing (mine) and said, "Daddy, it's lunch time!"

Once the ceremony was over, of course I made everyone pose for pictures!

Here's Jason with Mac and his staff

Here's the family...Glenna, Geoffrey, GG, Uncle Scott, Me, Reagan, Jason, Cindi, Rick, Grandpa, Gary Mike, and Cody

Had to get one of this cute couple!

Probably my favorite picture to date of Jason and his grandmother!

So nice of Cody to take the time to come over...he's basically another brother! 

A family of Marines - Uncle Scott (26 years), Rick (27 years), Jason (11 years), Grandpa Rick (32 years), Gary Mike (12 years) - now that's a LOT of service!

Jason with his proud parents!

And with Geoffrey!

And what would a promotion be without an "official" photo?! 

Jason, we're so proud of you and all that you have accomplished! You are the epitome of professionalism and dedication to duty, but not at the expense of your family. Reagan and I are so lucky to have you home for a few years, and we truly appreciate all you do for us. While this certainly isn't the easiest life we could have chosen, it's definitely the best. We love you so very much. 


  1. What a beautiful post! Congrats to all of you!


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