Memorial Day at Grandma & Papa's House!

On Memorial Day, we enjoyed a wonderful BBQ at Mil & Fil's house with Geoffrey, Glenna and Cody! As usual, Cindi made way too many delicious appetizers and we finally got to try Geoffrey's habanero salsa and Rick's cucumber salsa...both very tasty!

Reagan spent the weekend at Grandma & Papa's house and was ready to show off her pool skills once we arrived! Even though it was warm out, there wasn't any sun, so Papa & Daddy took turns filling large buckets with warm water (inside) and filling the pool:)

The pool is fun by yourself, but it's WAY MORE FUN when Daddy gets in too!

After drying off, but before sitting down to dinner, Reagan fell asleep on the floor...must have had too much fun in the pool with Daddy!

She slept while we ate and finally woke up when everyone was finished:) Below is a glimpse of our delicious meal...BBQ chicken, Cindi's famous potato salad (the "small" one is for me...I get a special no relish one) and corn on the cob. YUM-O!


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